October 21, 2014
College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Calendar of Events

October 2014

Fri, Oct 24, 201412:00 pm

Effects of Pesticides on Honeybee Metabolic Physiology

Entomology Colloquium by Steve Cook

November 2014

Fri, Nov 7, 201412:00 pm

Genetic tools to study developmental hormones in Drosophila

Entomology Colloquium by Aaron Baumann  
Fri, Nov 14, 201412:00 pm


Entomology Colloquium by Nathalie Steinhauer, Chris Taylor, and Ryan Gott
Fri, Nov 21, 201412:00 pm

Interactions between entomopathogenic fungi and brown marmorated stink bug

Entomology Colloquium by Thomas Pike

December 2014