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Faculty: Charles Mitter, Maile Neel, Jeffrey Shultz

Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty: Donald Davis, Conrad Labandeira, Wayne Mathis, Robert Robbins, Michael Schauff, Ted R. Schultz

Systematics is the science that aims to reconstruct and explain the origins and evolution of organismal diversity as well as its distribution in space and time. The field encompasses or overlaps such diverse disciplines as taxonomy, phylogenetics, paleontology, morphology, ecology, genetics, and biogeography.

Evidence derived from analysis of molecular sequence data has become increasingly central to many of these disciplines and is an important component of systematics research in the Department of Entomology. However, morphology — the study of organismal form — remains an integral component of our program, with particular focus on functional morphology and development. Student training in systematics and morphology at Maryland is enhanced by the Maryland Center for Systematic Entomology, our joint systematics graduate program with the Smithsonian Institution and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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