February 27, 2015
College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Computing Resources

Data Crunchers
The department has eight dedicated data crunchers, four windows, and four linux boxes.  They are available to anyone who needs to run data analysis software such as paup, garli, etc for an extended period of time.  They are available on/off campus via vnc/ssh/remote desktop.

Bionc Distributed Computing
The department is part of the college network of distributed computing.  (Entomology is currently providing 50% of the entire college's distributed computing power!)  Distributing computing basically uses the idle cycles of computers within the department to run data jobs that don't require the extensive ram/power of a single box.  Garli job's can be submitted via a web app to this network @

Deep Thought
The college has access to a massive computing cluster of over 1050 core's called deep thought.  Submitting jobs to this is a bit more complicated, but it supports many more programs.

ArcGis License
The department has a full ArcGis license (Department wide), that anyone can install on their work machines.  ArcGis is an intensive program designed for compiling geographic data and analyzing mapped information.  ArcGis is a system resource hog, and will not run on older machines, and even some newer machines will have issues with performance.  As such, there are two extremely powerful ArcGIS workstations in the graphics lab available for student, staff, and faculty use.  

Graphics Lab
The departmental graphics lab in room 4137 has a variety of power computers for various needs in the department. These include data analysis, arcgis, sas, and adobe's creative suite.  There are also slide and flatbed scanners, as well as black and white/color laserjets to use.  Contact the main business office for card reader access.

College File Backup
The college now provides, a massive file storage and backup solution.  It currently sits at 40 TB (40,000 GB), and will be soon upgraded to 80+ TB.  It is available to staff, faculty, grad, and post doc students.  Undergrads can access it via a lab computer using a generic account.  The space is for vital data backup of research and current projects occurring within the department.  It is backed up continuously.  Copies of the backups are made daily to three separate locations on campus (all different buildings).  Weekly backups are made to iron mountain in Columbia maryland.  Authorization is set by directory ID and password (same as your email).  Server is admin'd by multiple individuals.  It is a fantastic solution, and everyone should be using it.
UMD Box 
Umd now provides a dropbox like service for all staff, faculty, and students.  It is free, and provides 25 to 50 GB of space for sharing information on the cloud with colleagues.  To active and use box, visit the following link.